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These are Internet tricks which are very important for you

These are Internet tricks which are very important for you

1. Important Internet Tricks for You
Internet is a place where you can get information about anything from any corner of the world. If you get information on everything about the Internet, then it is entertainment, education or any other information about the world that you get from the Internet.
Almost everyone has joined the internet today. After that there are chatting, online shopping by social media. The internet has changed the outlook of everything, even here people have changed the lifestyle of people.
Some of us will be people who have been using the internet over the years. There are also things that you may know. Well, you do not have to worry, because we will tell you the tips and tricks that will be helpful to you.

2. Important Internet Tricks for You
How to open the closed tab
It sometimes happens that many tabs are open on the Internet. By mistake you also close your work tab. Then again the entire process for that tab has to be repeated again. Let me tell you, you can reopen the closed tab. For that, you have to press ctrl shift T

3. Important Internet Tricks for You
Reverse image search
Reverse Search is quite simple, for that you have to click on the image and click on 'Search Google for This Image'. In addition to that, you can also hold 'S' and right-click on the image.

4. Important Internet Tricks for You
No need to write .com
Now those days went when you had to write a whole domain to search for any website. That means that the .com would have to be typed separately. Today you can type the name of the website and press ctrl enter. Your URL will be edited by .com itself.

5. Important Internet Tricks for You
Open the link in the new tab
Sometimes we want to stay on the page we work with, as well as open that link in a new tab. For that, you will now have to click the ctrl link.

6. Important Internet Tricks for You
Incognito Browser
Your search history is not recorded in the Incognito Browser, the reason is that, when a user wants to see any private items on the Internet, you can use this browser. To open an incognito browser, press ctrl shift N

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