Thursday, 19 October 2017


Jio New Offers 2017: 
Now Reliance Jio is the most popular telecom operator in India with 109+ million subscribers.  Their service was launched on 5th September 2016 with Jio Welcome Offer in which they offered free 4G services along with unlimited calling for three months. But their target was to reach 100 million subscribers. So they introduced Happy new year offer for the next 3 months till 31st March 2017.

Now Jio is paid service where they introduced two categories named Prime & Non-Prime. The Prime members can enjoy Jio’s service at a huge discounted price for one year whereas Non-Prime member will have to opt the same plan’s benefits at regular price. You just have to pay Rs 99 for Prime membership to avail Jio’s ongoing and upcoming offers.

  • Reliance Jio New Plans From 19th October 2017

Hey, guys, Jio just updated their tariff plans with the new price and different data value. A good news is these plans are valid for all Jio Prime customer; they can recharge with a selected plans and get the benefits of below plans. Check the table below for details.

NEW PLANS                    BENEFITS               VALIDITY
52                              1.05GB, 0.15GB/Day 7 Days
98                                  2.1GB, 0.15GB/Day 14 Days
149                                4.2GB, 0.15GB/Day 28 Days
399                                      70GB, 1GB/Day 70 Days
459                                      84GB, 1GB/Day 84 Days
309                                  49GB, 1GB/Day        49 Days
499                              91GB, 1GB/Day       91 Days
509                             98GB, 2GB/Day              49 Days
999                            60GB, No Daily 4G FUP 90 Days
1999      125GB, No Daily 4G FUP      180 Days
9999         350GB, No Daily 4G FUP           360 Days

Note: Above prepaid plans are valid for both Old & New Jio sim users. After exhausting daily high-speed data, speed will be reduced to 64Kbps. All the plans come with unlimited calling, free SMS and Jio’s premium app subscriptions.

  • How to Recharge with 52, 98, 459, 399, 509, 309, 499 Plans?

You need to visit Jio’s website
Select your plan and hit Recharge button
Enter your number & Submit

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