Thursday, 12 October 2017


The upcoming assembly elections in Gujarat are likely to take place in two phases in December. This has been revealed in media reports. According to the report, elections will be held on December 3 and the second phase on December 7 in the first phase of elections. Whose potential announcement can be made early in October. However, no official announcement has been made on this matter.

Information is available from sources that will be held in two phases of the assembly elections. The official announcement of which will be directing the election commission in the first week of October. Elections will be held on December 3 in the first phase and on December 7 in the second phase. The results are due to occur after 10 days of election. The picture will be clear when the Election Commission declares the entire election program.

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BJP has fully prepared for the elections, while Congress seems to be in the dark. The government has fixed the targets set by the target till September 30. The focus of the nation will be focused on the Gujarat elections. It is also decided that this election will create a lot of enthusiasm throughout the country. Congress's weakness in the Gujarat elections seems to be the biggest advantage for BJP.

VVPAT (Water Verifed Paper Audit Trial) will be used during the Gujarat elections. There was a demand for ballot paper after expressing doubts about the credibility of EVM machine by different parties and organizations.

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