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Every shopkeeper can not recover GST, how to identify fake GST recoverers?

GST is applicable to every item in the country. But the shopkeeper can not recover GST. Many shopkeepers are taking advantage of it and are charging consumers money. They also give a computer bill, which is written by GST.

हर दुकानदार नहीं वसूल सकता जीएसटी, कैसे करें नकली GST वसूलने वालों की पहचान?

But this does not mean that they are actually charging the right GST.

GST can recover the same shopkeeper who has registered with GST. But the question is, if a shopkeeper is charging GST, then how will you know if this GST is incorrect or correct. How do you catch his theft? This work can also be done from mobile.

If you get a bill in which GST has been recovered and you suspect, check the bill. It will be written in GSTIN and the numbers will be written in front of it. By this number can be identified that the shopkeeper is charging real GST or fake

First of all, it is to know if the shopkeeper is registered in GST or not. For this, first of all go to the government website and go to the search taxpayer and then click on Search by gstin / uin. To search for 15 digit GST-in numbers written on the bill. If the number is correct then the shopkeeper's details will be revealed to you.

GST-In is a 15-digit number. Every shopkeeper who receives the registration. It contains numbers and letters of English. There are two digits in the state and the next 10 numbers are the number of the shopkeeper's PAN card. The 13th number registered on this is the registration of the shopkeeper.
If the shopkeeper is charging you with GST without registration, then you can complain to

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