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Details about solar energy plant

Details about solar energy plant
Details about solar energy plant
The current demonetization wave has left everyone in a haze. Each of us is on a lookout for best options to save and invest money. What if there was an option to save as well as add value to our existing capital assets. Does that sounds unbelievable? But with the subsidy for Solar energy in Gujarat. Savings and asset value enhancement at the same time is possible.
Why subsidy for solar energy in Gujarat?

Under the government’s Jawahar Lal Nehru National Solar Mission. The goal is to bring in the nation’s grid connected solar installations to 1 Lakh MW by the year 2022.
Hence, to achieve this mammoth figure. An increase in the number of installations of solar projects is the need of the hour.
Any surface that receives the rays of the Sun is capable of power generation through it. That includes car roofs and even the clothes that we wear.
Though for the mass generation of power. There are 2 significant places to place the solar PV panels. That is either on the ground or on the rooftops.
For the solar power installations on the ground. Vast stretches of industrial or barren land serve the purpose best.
The another major option to generate solar power is to install solar panels on rooftops.
Solar on land works best for huge stretches of empty spaces. While for the rooftop installations. The bare space to place solar panels exists beforehand. Moreover, most of the times, the space on rooftop does not find any other significant purpose. Hence, the rooftops emerge as the apt location for solar power generation.
For the collaborative achievement of the country’s solar generation targets. The Central government has given targets to each individual states for solar power generation.
Under those targets. Gujarat state has an individual target of 8024 MW to achieve by the year 2022.
From this huge figure. Rooftop solar installations alone account for 3200 MW.
To achieve this target. The Gujarat government came up with a scheme of subsidy. This subsidy lays a stress on the promotion of Rooftop solar plants.
What exactly is the subsidy for solar energy in Gujarat? 

Considering the fact that rooftops are empty spaces without much utility. Hence, the focus of the subsidy towards rooftops is a befitting move.  
With the subsidy for solar energy in Gujarat. The state government aims to encourage large-scale conversion of blank rooftops to power producers.
Of course, the energy production on rooftops or on the terrace has its advantages.
Unlike the power generation on ground mounted solar panels. The energy generated on roof space has no need of upfront land. So, anyone with the ownership of their existing property can make use of their rooftop.
GEDA is the Gujarat Energy Development Agency.  It is instrumental for renewable energy development and energy conservation measures in the state. It also disburses the subsidy for solar energy in Gujarat.
However, the subsidy for solar energy in Gujarat has its individual terms and conditions.
They are as follows :
1.      Monetary Subsidy

For every individual household connected to the grid. The policy allows a disbursement of flat INR 10,000 per kW. Though that is after the installation and commissioning of the Rooftop solar system.
This monetary subsidy has a ceiling of INR 20,000 as well. Thus, for installations more than 2kW. The subsidy does not go beyond the upper limit of INR 20,000.
2.     The first 100,000 consumers
Subsidies from GEDA for rooftop Solar PV are on a first come first serve basis. The target for which is up to first 100,000 consumers.
This policy might not be in service on the fulfillment of initial target of 1 lakh consumers. Then, as per the government decision. The scheme may be further continued or scraped off. 
3.     New rooftop solar installations

The GEDA rooftop solar policy is for the installations done after the Solar policy of 2015.
Only new installations attract subsidies under the current Gujarat solar rooftop policy. Also, the consumers cannot shift the solar plant to any other premises.
4.     Ownership of system

To avail the subsidy for solar energy in Gujarat. The applicant individual must have the necessary legal proofs. Documentation of the ownership of the infrastructure that includes the rooftop/terrace is mandatory. Then, only the applicant can avail the subsidy.
5.     Inclusion/ non inclusion of other subsidies

The subsidy for solar energy in Gujarat is besides the ones by the Central government. So, in the case of a subsidy provided by the center. An applicant can have both the national and Gujarat state benefits.
Though, an applicant cannot have more than one state subsidy for the same system. There is a prohibition for clubbing two or more schemes run by Gujarat government. A violation of this policy could lead to losing the subsidy under GEDA’s solar energy policy.
How to avail subsidy for solar energy in Gujarat

GEDA is the nodal agency for the implementation of Gujarat government solar policy. To get the benefits of the scheme. After a solar plant integration companyinstalls and commissions a project. Then, the applicant can fill up the mandatory form with GEDA to avail the benefits.   
GEDA would then release the monetary subsidy. The subsidy will be as per the kW installed at the applicant’s premises.
Important points to note about GEDA solar policy

The Gujarat solar power plant subsidy is for individual households. Thus, the policy is not for consumers for an infrastructure that in nature is :
In Conclusion :

Generation of power through alternate sources reduces the dependence on non-renewable sources of power. The non-renewable sources are close to exhaustion. Also, they are detrimental to the environment.
The onus of making a nation energy independent lies on each individual. Thus, to achieve the energy generation targets without dependence on traditional sources. Putting Solar PV system on rooftops is the simplest of all initiatives.
The space occupied by rooftops is an ideal location to place a solar power system. It not only creates power. But also helps the roof owner generate revenue through the local utility. Also, the value of the infrastructure that holds a rooftop solar unit appreciates.
Apart from these benefits. The policies under various states provide benefits in the form of subsidies. Moreover, these subsidies prove beneficial to jump into the renewable energy generation bandwagon.
The GEDA solar rooftop policy by the Gujarat government is one of the best by any states in the country. Above all, it gives upfront monetary subsidy over and above the ones by the central government.
If you own a residential property in Gujarat. Then, you can make use of the solar rooftop Gujarat subsidy. Getting a solar rooftop system reaps multiple benefits that are over and above the initial investment costs.
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