Saturday, 18 March 2017


After giving pre-offer by Jio, attraction among people is also increasing due to the prime membership. Because the Prime Membership is available for just 99 rupees for the whole year. There will be many benefits for 1 year. Because of this, now people using sim operator of other operators are also porting their number to Geo. If you have even thought of porting your number to Geo, you should first know about its profit-loss.Read more about the advantages and disadvantages of having port in geo.
Geo 7 months have passed since launch, but problems are still coming up with its network. Common problems of call drop and no calls are still going on. So if you port your number in Geo, you may have to face trouble with calling.
4G Speed: Geo 4G Speed ​​is not as good as it should be. In a recent report, Airtel's 4G speed was shown better. So if you are only porting the number for 4G data, then I can be damaged in speed.4G phones: The most important thing to port in Geo is that you have a 4G phone.Because the 3G running mobile phone was used most of the time, but Jio requires a 4G phone. In the meantime, your budget can worsen, so estimate your budget and port number.Coverage: There are many places in India where the 3G network does not work, so getting 4G networks in many places can be very difficult. Read in the next slides How to get a port in Geo?

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