Friday, 17 February 2017


10 thousand direct jobs fair-hiring unemployed umatayah Bride's Carriage Procession: rajakotah Saurashtra University. Were held today at the Fair Employment turned 0 of thousands of unemployed young men and women. Mega Job Fair inaugurated pictured Mandviya ministers and invented more than speeches, Radadiya Oh, well, next bhanubena babariya MLA, Mayor Dr. Jaimana Upadhyay, dhanasukhabhai bhanderi, Mohanbhai kundariya, rajubhai pole, Nehal Shukla etc. are conspicuous. Colon unemployed seem excited pictured below. (Tasvirah Sandeep bagathariya)
      Rajkot on Tuesday. 17: 10 am today .. Saurashtra University. At Univ. Each packet was also to food, water and bus - going to pass arrangement.
      The Mega Job Fair Collector system are co-ordinator, Eddie. Collector under the super vision, the 4th Day. Collectors Messrs dobariya, jijnasabena Gadhvi, Mr. Pranesh be, the influence of Mr. Joshi, Vijay Vasani and revenue district Mamaltdar other staff was present as a special afternoon. And had super vision.
      During heavy chaos for Mega Job place between 1-to-1 in the afternoon, occurring dislocation, were candidates akalaya in heavy traffic jam, he speaks dekaro, complaints rose Falls.
      There is also recorded fraudulently lamanajhinka - push mukaki stalls by candidates, however, was dropped from the police to tighten security. By Sp draw as fuel. Offer involved.
      During the said office have become sources of employment no matter what the scuffle-chaos.

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