Wednesday, 22 February 2017


Cash leaving the government is going to start next month cash back scheme for the maximum turn to digital transactions. The government will soon reduce the rate of the merchant discount rate (MDR), so that all card payments can be cheaper. In addition to the referral scheme is also preparing to launch.
At present the biggest challenge to the government to convert to digital payments. The government will launch a number of incentive schemes from time to time.
This verse cash back scheme will be launched next month.
Download the app recorded case has become Bhima. January has so far been downloaded 1.70 million times. He said that it seems clear that the next time will come again in the digital cash payment transactions. In response to a question, he said that the government is working to create profitable digital transactions.
Digital platforms are being strengthened. Ranging from various schemes to raise digital transactions Inter-Ministerial debate has expired. All ministries have agreed on this matter and will make all together to launch the scheme and sufficient for its implementation.
Cashless payments in force to the scheme has been launched. DG riches for the lucky customer plans and business plans for business customers.

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