Tuesday, 10 January 2017


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Equity Linked Savings Scheme to save the new tax year (ELSS) is the best option. 18.7 per cent in the last 3 years under ELSS gave siijiaranum returns. And has been found siijiaranum 17.46 per cent returns over five years. Not only khasiyata of return of ELSS. ELSS fund has an annual value of about 2.5 to 2.75 per cent. And all their charges, the portfolio and the transaction is made public. The meet returns by ELSS is also tax-free.
      Public tax money to keep rescuers ELSS investments in less time. There is a lock-in period of three years. There has also been easy to stay after the beginning of e-KYC. Traditional insurance plan is more secure, but it is getting the least return. The commission is also charged more. His record has been poor in terms of transparency. The Insurers can also be easily invest through online medium.
      If you're ready to block the money until retirement, NPS is a good option for tax savings. National Pension System (NPS) is the third highest rankings. Investment has increased slightly due to a change in the mandate and the craze to invest in tax law.
      Section 80 CCD (1B) under the NPS 50, 000 can obtain a separate tax exemption on investments up to Rs choagresiva ULIP plan has received annual returns of 12 percent over the past five years. PF is also a good option to save tax.

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