Tuesday, 27 December 2016


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REad Another News about election
Gujarat recorded the highest turnout was recorded for 8954 gram panchayat elections today. Scattered violence of some political parties in more than 79 percent of the vote among the overall santipurnarite switched again delight Create wave. The high turnout was a reaction from the BJP and the Congress potapotanirite. Rather than voting against the last election, was recorded 77 per cent polling was recorded today. 12th place in the voting process had been postponed due to the death. Mahisagar election process was stopped for administrative reasons the project and lathi nanirakha village. Santipurnarite after the completion of the vote counting will be conducted on December 29 and now the situation is now so extreme suspense prevail. Jagavanara heavily discussed today was completed in 8954 gram panchayat polling in Gujarat. State Election Commissioner Varesh Sinha provided important information to today's voting was concluded after five o'clock. He said that the state is nowhere turnout was fairly santipurnakarite without any incident. Voting turnout was also high as well as being peaceful. After the completion of a total of 252 polling place on December 29, 1643 in the hall, 29 Counting of votes will be conducted by staff of 17347 on 4200 tables. He was informed that, for administrative reasons prevented the election process in the election process today, ashes small village of the project and lathi Mahisagar district. Tight police security was configured with elections. Gram Panchayat was used for the first time voters Nota. Sarpanch 26,813 candidates contested the positions. Gram Panchayat elections are being contested by a total of 120936 candidates.
   A total of 26,813 candidates were in contention for the head. Gram panchayat polls, the majority of voters of 16598983 voters had exercised their franchise. Among the number of male voters who were registered voters, while the girl stood 8635248 7963735 Number of voters. 8952 gram panchayat elections saw a turnout of 22382 polling stations. 44158 which was used ballot. Election 2423 officers, 2854 assistant election officers were in service. Voting was to decide to mandatory voter credentials. Voters can vote independently and without being afraid to go for the extra police were deployed.
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