Monday, 19 December 2016


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NEW DELHI: The US Federal Reserve to increase interest rates globally dull glow of the yellow metal falling pressure in the domestic market will also notice the three or four months, gold is down from Rs 16 thousand.
Analysts say that the already weak domestic demand due to Notbandi and now more pressure on the Federal Reserve will announce gold.
Amrapali Adyya Avinash Kumar Sudhanshu Trading & Investment's director and head of research, said the Fed's announcement to withdraw from the West, especially the US dollar to invest in gold ETFs, people are beginning to make pressure on the yellow metal. He said that due to the wedding season Notbandi despite weak domestic demand.
Do not lift the pressure on the already announced and now the Fed will also impact the course of the next few weeks the prices may continue. Gold may decline to Rs 16,500 in the next three months.
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