Wednesday, 14 December 2016


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Both companies together will act in the direction to provide a better experience for mobile games in addition to Indian consumers, which will be those that appear as jiona retail store and charging station game pokastopa and Jim will be able to develop, will be able to catch Pokemon jiona outlets across the country and take part in the game .
            Jiona have been kept Pokemon Go channel for playing those Pokemon go on social messaging app jioceta, in the game players will be able to collaborate with a Mac, you will be given a daily tips, held contests, will be missing a link and organized special events will. Pokemon Go jioceta channel on playing the game will be in touch and be able to quickly improve his level.
            We are delighted to partner with India for Pokemon Xiao Gou, founder and Chief Executive Officer, said nientikana said John Henke.
            Reliance jiona President Matthew Omen said that globally we are very excited to introduce it to the official in the Pokemon go to Reliance Jio network have downloaded nearly 50 million more than the greater of the game, in addition to the Pokemon Go Ape partnership with nientika customers jiona will get the opportunity to gain a lot of content on the mobile broadband network.

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