Saturday, 24 December 2016


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2g and 3g phones now make fun of Reliance Jio's Free Internet
new Delhi. Reliance Jio SIM customers free internet, voice calls, video calls, data, but to use it you have to Provide 4G phones must be supported. 4G smartphone you not being able to not use the mobile Internet was free, so now you Reliance Jio in 2G and 3G phones will be able to use SIM free internet.
Reliance Digital, the company has launched the 4G device market Jiofai. 4G is a portable device. The device through voice calls, video calls, data and Xiao apps can use. Jiofai 4G portable voice and data device, which acts as a hotspot. Jiofai device users through a 90 days free data, such as voice calls and SMS services can enjoy. These devices can be purchased in 2899 for Rs.
The user will have to activate it by pushing the SIM Jiofai. Later on 2G and 3G smartphones to download Xiao 4G Voice application, which is to connect to the network Xiao. The device users Xiao Internet, voice calls, video calls and can enjoy services like SMS. For this it is absolutely necessary that you have a 4G device.
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