Sunday, 18 December 2016


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Even after getting a boost cashless Notbandi but their number is not less than the online transaction, the online transactions are Gbarte. Often the sender, anxious that no dent in his bank account and ATM card information could not give the save. Note that the cyber world, there are a few apps and software that is typed on the computer to prepare the button information data. It can save your card information. To avoid this problem, the user can use the on-screen keyboard and Icognito tab. Here's how to protect your online transactions can be made
1. Phishing is a technical term which is used for a scam or fraud. When a person or institution fraud if you send fake emails phishing can say. These e-mail and through absolutely reliable resemble your bank account number, password and personal information may be sought. Always be careful with e-mail and include the links (links), do not click.
2. When using the internet, do not click on any suspicious links. Click on it to see any compelling offer and it is the job of the threat to execute the instructions. It reaches out to people your personal information fraud.
3. Your bank account at certain time intervals to change the password is correct. Mix long and always keep passwords typed. With the number of English character password is considered good enough to exercise your Mitrit. Your account could not hack it quickly. Unsecured (unsecured) Wi-Fi for online banking and do not always use their personal computer. Enter your password into the diary or mobile.
4. Your bank account ID and password used only when the above URL for any website (url) on the lock symbol appears. It keeps your passwords secret. The sign shows the website you are working in is safe.
5. leave your computer or laptop using the other person's computer by logging into the bank account when paying bills online should use the onscreen keyboard or virtual keyboard. The keyboard on the computer to open the 'start menu' Go in there and the 'Program' click. This provides 'virtual keyboard''ll have the option. Difficulty in finding the keyboard on screen keyboard by typing in the search bar so you can see. By clicking with the mouse on the virtual keyboard and the letter can be typed. Which also has the option of setting the user can change without the clutter.
6. Free to lure Internet users often found in public spaces, hotels, restaurants, railway station, airport, etc. Wi-Fi use received. Although in many cases there are also unsecured Wi-Fi connection. For instance, free Wi-Fi at the railway station, which is not necessarily going to be the Ministry of Railways. To prevent the anti-virus software and operating systems in the mobile phone from time to time to update.
7. Transaction Banking or Internet Explorer to Google Chrome browser in Incognito and private browsing mode can support. Chrome user incognito tab to open three lines on the screen to the right in the top part of the options, click and incognito tab. Browsing History of the tab, close the browser becomes deleted. The system does not appear on the reopening. Ie on the basis of history can not try to find ways in your account. Incognito tab to identify a person who is wearing glasses, a Topi and appears at the top left.
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