Sunday, 18 December 2016


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The phone is not only bad, when he is released from your hand. But there are many other causes behind the poor.
Nowadays everyone is using smartphones and this has a huge impact in all life. Many of us would like, or need, without which means two to four times a year phone and technological change will continue to be updated.
But it will also be a class, the phone will be much worse. So why would not understand any of them myself why this happens.
Due to poor phone released from his hand fall down or go overboard, but sometimes it does not account for these technically mess gets worse. 5 Let us know about the causes of the deterioration in the smartphone:
Install Malware
At times you unwittingly install malware on your phone and take him or format, and do not remove the anti-virus. The call information is also fear of being hacked. The phone also goes down as well. So, think before downloading the app. C or any third party app installation to avoid waste.
Over Charging
Over the phone from charging may also be defective. Evening phone by charging those who leave for the night, the phone is more likely to deteriorate.
Get more sunshine
If the phone becomes too much sun in moderation, even if he gets worse. So, the cool and dry place to keep on the phone is directed. Those who do field work in their call becomes defective due to falling sunlight.
The device space low
So when the phone needs to be a bit time format.
Phone fall
The fall of the phone is a common problem. 8 out of 10 smartphone called bad, or falling into water from a height of the screen is broken or worsen. The phone always keep it in the pocket. After using your phone so that it fell within undertaking not better.
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