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In the eyes of the Government notes raids Nyabuddin stores. (Indicative picture)
new Delhi
A crisp strike on black money and the government may limit the cash holding in homes. After being told that Notbandi been consistent raids, the Ministry of Finance in the wake of huge cash caught.Two is feeling the need to limit the cache. News that the ministry is considering the various agencies that all homes be limits on cash holding. According to sources, the Ministry may announce the decision soon.
Indeed, the Chairman of SIT on black money made by Justice MB Shah and vice Arijit Pasayat written to Finance Minister has said that if there was no limit to the cash Notbandi will not prove effective. The letter said that if two people have the cash limit was set with black money will again.
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SIT earlier limit of Rs 15 lakh cash at home has recommended fixing. In July, the Ministry of Finance submitted to the SIT in its 5th report from Rs 15 lakh to keep more cash in the house had recommended approval of the Commissioner of Income Tax. The report of a person being removed on account of over three lakh from Bank Financial Intelligence Unit and the Income Tax Department is focused on the information given.
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Earlier, the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) Sudhir Chandra committee headed by the former chairman of the cash holding limit for personal use recommended. The committee suggested that the limit should be seized more cash. Kerala High Court order in this regard, the committee cited. However, to keep cash in the house if there is limit to amend the Income Tax Act would be required in 1961.
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The 500 and 1000 rupee notes on November 8 after being declared illegal by the many cases of money laundering have arrived. According to statistics, by December 16 in raids across the country, various agencies have seized Rs 316 crore. Surprisingly, the new notes worth 80 million rupees seized included.
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