Wednesday, 21 December 2016


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Reliance jio, both prepaid and postpaid customers for granted. If you have purchased hasty postpaid SIM Free Offer at the expiry of the bill can come to your home and the terms and conditions you have to pay the bill. Here is your postpaid or prepaid SIM Xiao?
new Delhi. If you pressed in line for hours and fearlessly Xiao bought SIM free calling and surfing the Internet, you need to be a little careful. Maybe because the welcome offer of Xiao Xiao, your bill comes after the end. Read all the terms and conditions without SIM bought in haste. Through KYC approved by all the conditions and according to the terms and conditions you have to pay the bill.
It is therefore important that you know that you have the SIM Connection of the postpaid or prepaid SIM. Reliance Jio free services to its customers through giving. Free Welcome Offer Unlimited Free HD Voice on March 31 under the Reliance Geo, Nat Geo WiFi, data, HD video, SMS, is to give our customers the facilities like Geo apps.
Reliance said all the facilities of both prepaid and postpaid customers to Geo reported. Reliance on 4G are getting all the facilities it. Due to the high quality of the facilities, and the Internet is working much better. The video has also surf without running rampant.
Free services will be over as soon as the company's postpaid customers, as the bills will start arriving. It is therefore important that you know that you are a postpaid or prepaid SIM.
We show you how you can learn it.
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