Friday, 9 December 2016


The government has made changes to the PF rules give a big relief to private employees. After the changes are not needed now kapavanum PF employees. The government is going to have a new option to the employees' contribution to PF. The Cabinet on Wednesday as redimeida 1 clothing sector, the inevitability of 000 ruthi has finished cutting the wages of employees who received less pay PF.
      Now, to be completely dependent on the employee's provident fund contribution would not it? It is believed that the government can increase the circle of time.
      EPF Act has made the system of government without any modification. The cabinet said redimeida increasing employment and export garment sector has taken this decision. So far, Airbus is less organized sector employees pay 1 sol, 000 ruthi work has been indispensable to their contribution to PF. This momentous decision, the cabinet could also open the way for other sector employees.
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