Tuesday, 20 December 2016


Rs. 500 and Rs. After the release of the new notes in 2000, the central bank said. 50 have been combined to bring about a new note. The Reserve Bank of India on Monday gave the same information. According to the statement released by the central government were under the Mahatma Gandhi Series 2005 new year. Note of 50 will be issued. The notes will be snaylr inset letter on the number of panels. The notes will have the right to energize the current governor Patel. So if the old notes will continue even after the release of the new currency is no reason for concern.

            Notabandhi after the government said. Has released new notes of 500 and 2000. The Rs. The government has released a new currency notes of green color instead of the old 500. The new notes is much smaller than the size of the old notes. On the back side of the red fort Photo chebiji. Pink color of the new notes have been extracted in 2000 and has kept its small size. However note that this year also gives the message Clean India campaign. About how the new notes will be of 50 central bank has no explanation. Of which Rs. Is likely to be reduced in size to 500 and the notanum Given the new design of the 2000 notes.
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