Tuesday, 27 December 2016

GUJARTI LITERATURE: Prachin,madhykalin,Arvachin sahity full detail

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During the 15th century, Gujarati literature had come under the tremendous sway of the Bhakti movement, a popular cultural movement to liberate religion from entrenched priesthood. Narsinh Mehta (1415-1481 A.D.) was the foremost poet of this era. His poems delineated a very saintly and mystical sense and bore an intense reflection of the philosophy of Advaita. Narasinh Mehta's "Govind Gaman", "Surat Sangram", "Sudama Charitra" and "Sringaramala" are illustrations of this devotional poetry.

Gujarati Sahity ma MAdyakalin,prachin ane arvachin sahity babat agatyani pdf file Download karo.
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