Wednesday, 14 December 2016


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Large amounts of cash which is deposited after notabandhi own khatamam. He began sending notices to be supported by the IT department sources scam. They found that the Income Tax department or notice will be found soon. Also, many officials are likely to be placed in the Investigation Wing of the Income Tax Department in the first week of January.
      According to sources, the highest amount since notabandhi Income Tax department has begun operations to send the notice to submit to anyone. And is being sought stroni certainty of income from them. Its banks have accumulated large amount of information that are made to the Income Tax department was ordered after 1 January. Was. But Rs. Department karavanarooni deposits above Rs 1 crore has continued sending information by bringing in very early notice.
      CA said Janick agauthi prosecutors that on December 30 the same year. More than 1 million have been deposited Notices mokalavanamam makers. If the Prosecution financial irregularities that come to mind, including money laundering will be prosecuted.
      Ahmedabad, is expected to more than 5000 people will notice, taking into account, including the cities of Surat and Vadodara.
      The investigation will carry out large-scale operations of banks on the basis of data received from the department after 31 December. And is expected to be greatly moved the officers of Investigation Wing of assessment for it. According to the Department of enough officers to be sent notices of disposal operations currently not available
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