Monday, 12 December 2016


Suddenly, the poor were flooded after notabandhi Jan Dhan accounts. 1000, 000 of whom lived in the accounts have been credited to their account in the amount of two million. Now the government is preparing to make a deposit in the amount of the deposit is fixed. The money arrived in her account, which means it will be as a fixed amount. The government has already started work on the formula. The deposit will be for five years. This will not be up five years ago and benefited the poor.
      3rd December organized a rally in Moradabad Prime Minister said that the money will be credited to the account of the poor Jan Dhan. So do not spend the money to the poor and not to return anyone. The government wants to bring a formula in which the money has been credited into account the amount of which will be the poor.
      PM of from eight days ago have already started to work on the government announcement. All accounts data is being taken. What is the amount of bank account details and the amount is reached unless specifically after notabandhi. Sutronu say that, shortly after the government's declaration that the consumer may be about the same. New Year gift to give to the poor.
      The Prime Minister said that the rally, poor Jan Dhan accounts will be the same as those of the poor who have deposited money. Jan Dhan accounts are not subject to deposit discarded black nanu. The amount the government will have to apply a formula to collect the money, which soon will be the occupant of the poor into account. Most can not be transferred or withdrawn from these accounts.
      Jan Dhan accounts have been deposited in a total of 74, 610 million. 7th December Rp 8 million and 88 million sudhdharupathi Jan Dhan accounts were deposited. An increase of 9 months, 000 crore Jan Dhan accounts. After notabandhi dhanadhana have been deposited money in the accounts.
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