Monday, 12 December 2016


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Army Welfare Fund lokadayarane conducted in Bardoli on Saturday for the celebration as a well-known folk kirtidana gadhavie cashless dayara. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been explained to the transaction cashless country's public dayaramam are uchamani cash and discerning people than it is to pass a wrong message and refused already to uchamani the dayaramam kirtidana gadhavie in order to adopt cashless administration and the who had a desire to donate to anyone suggesting that they come from the Czech. Some people were carrying the cash, then this suggests that there were. Had turned them dayarae uchamani request not to go back home the cash. But if tomorrow Czech mokalajo mind. '
      Bardoli Czech sadapandara lakh have been deposited in the program and became the first cashless Dyer lokadayaro country. He was held by the Dyer Bardoli MLA Parmar. Cashless dayarano Concept I get a poor response was isvarabhaine gave kirtidana gadhavie, looking at the response to this warm, they were happy and they learn to cashless during a hereditary function of the type of people so declared to dayara more cashless Gujarat and understanding come.

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