Tuesday, 20 December 2016


After a maximum of 2,500 rupiah removal notabandhi ATM withdrawal limit will be 30 in December. According to our sister newspaper, The Times of India report against this information. One official claimed that the maximum ATM withdrawal limits will be removed, which have been held in 2500.
      People across the country are facing difficulties due to shortage of cash after notabandhi. Out of the ATM and the bank is still perceived to be long lines. ATM cash removal maximum limit is Rs 2,500 and Rs 24,000 banks can be removed one week. In addition to working quickly to remove the cash shortage, the central bank. Banks across the country are now focusing on increasing the supply of new notes of 500. Which can be removed using a cash shortage. The government expects that the cash shortage will be overcome 2-3 week and get relief. Policy Planning CEO Amitabh Kant hoped to overcome the shortage of cash in the month of January. On 8 November 2016 the Prime Minister had announced in 1000 and 500 notabandhini Old notes of the ground.
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