Saturday, 31 December 2016


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Prime Minister's speech to the nation Monday evening. To bolster the economy back in track, he is expected to announce major economic reforms. They will strive to unite the people caught in the ointment on the wound after notabandhi. They are expected to deliver a number of important disclosures to apply balm to the pain as 0 days. The government said that Modi does not disappoint the public. Prime Minister especially many populist ads aimed at the poor, women, farmers and the middle class. Rural and urban areas, announced plans that would benefit both.
            Officials said the benefit of this scheme to target beneficiaries to extend the Direct Benefits Transfer (DBT) will be widely used. Notabandhithi as well as Prime Minister could announce concessions for most small business owners who suffered beatings and agriculture. It is not known whether the Prime Minister will announce a real middle-class tax relief on this occasion? However, yesterday, he said, has made corruption and exploitation of the poor and middle class black nanae. Prime Minister against corruption and black money with populist announcements will announce his government's future actions.
            In particular they are coupled with the support of all types of land records database could talk Anonymous proceedings against the property. He took responsibility for his own notabandhini announced on November 8. Similarly, they will take responsibility for the welfare of the poor own plans tonight.
            While it may be important to announce to the people.
            Modi ways to avoid the cash crunch is likely to be announced today at the nation speech. They are likely to give the youth employment scheme. Today they are also likely to swamps bank cash withdrawal limits. The availability of the new notes is expected to be the limit of cash withdrawal from banks despite low tomorrow. He also discussed with the Finance Ministry and the Reserve Bank in this regard, however, the final decision they will take. However, after the close of 00 knots and 1000 has been made available to 40 percent of the new notes. He has also churned out in this regard. PM hopes that the bank should eliminate the maximum withdrawal limit. While this limits the first day of the new year is likely to persist.
            New year's cash shortage of cash in the system will be restored, says banaseh cash glut
            New Delhi has said the experts jaseh away with a cash shortage of the new year, the government in order to avoid shortage of the end of suffering: the cash, the bank will have sufficient money available karavaseh currency again to 80 per cent of the 70 to February or February to March, Banks

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